Thursday, August 16, 2012

Integrating #Technology with #Monopoly zAPPed #Review

This next post is about a childhood favorite game. Wait, I lied, I still love it. LOL, it's Monopoly! Everyone's played Monopoly at some point in their life and I remember seeing the countless different versions. However, the times are changing, we all have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. They're smart, they've thought of a more eco-friendly and techie way to bring Monopoly to kids and adults alike these days. You know, some of my friends say their 3 year kid knows how to use their iPad better than they do? They'd be perfect for the Monopoly zAPPed Edition. Get it? LOL, the App in zAPPed?
Monopoly zapped review
Geared at kids aged 8 and up, this is a new interactive way for up to 4 players to play Monopoly. It's pretty neat. Instead of holding the cash that us old timers used to use, your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch now serves as the bank. You get these little plastic credit card-like Monopoly bank cards to tap on a corner of the screen. The app also contains Chance and Community Chest cards mini-games and serves as the way to buy and sell property. The whole concept is pretty neat and it saves on space because you no longer have to deal with extra cards. I actually find this more eco-friendly. Can you imagine how much less paper would be needed to produce these games? It also makes the game more compact as there's less to carry.
Monopoly Zapped app interface
You still have the plastic houses and the cute game pieces but it becomes a hybrid between a video game and a board game. I love that concept. It was relatively easy to use although sometimes the bank cards don't swipe that well. It also tells you if you're swiping the wrong card, so no stealing your neighbor's! The downside obviously is that you do require an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod Touch to play but you really only need one so as long as one of your friends has it, you're good to go. The Monopoly zAPPed app is FREE to download to your gadgets so you can take this with you on your travels anywhere. Overall, a fun integration of today's tech gadgets with a classic game. I'm sure Android and other tablets would love to see an expansion of this game onto their platforms.

Buy It: Shop online or in stores for Monopoly zAPPed version ($29.99).

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Ellen said...[Reply]

This sounds like a lot of fun. We have a Life game that we play on the iPad2 and my son really enjoys it. I need to check this one out too.

Elaina (A Time Out for Mommy) said...[Reply]

We got this game too and it's so much fun!

Simply Stacie said...[Reply]

I used to love Monopoly as a kid!! My daughter uses my ipad all the time and this looks like something she would like.

Liz Mays said...[Reply]

That's actually enough to make me want to get an iPad right NOW. I love Monopoly!

Jennifer S. said...[Reply]

I want this!!! We would have a blast playing this!

AdventuresFrugalMom said...[Reply]

how cool is this game. I loved it as a child

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