Monday, August 13, 2012

Save time & money with #Woolzies #Review & #Sweepstakes US/CAN 08/28

Teehee...I'll admit, when BlogHer came, I dropped everything and went for those several days so when I returned to normal life, I found I had 4 full loads of laundry waiting for me. Haha, what better chance to test Woolzies than to do the laundry! In New York, the apartment I live in has washers and dryers in the basement and it doesn't cost that much but it adds up with the multiple loads I have to do. Haha, I should've taken a picture of all the clothes I needed to wash today. I had everything all sorted out: my whites, my colors, the sheets and towels, and the fur babies' towels and mats.

Have you heard of Woolzies before? They're a natural fabric softener handmade from New Zealand wool. The idea is to toss all 6 Woolzie balls into a drying load so that it helps to create space and separate your laundry to allow better hot air circulation within the dryer. The result? Your clothes dry about 25% faster in large loads and 35-40% faster in small loads. Woolzies are also supposed to reduce static cling and reduce wrinkles. This green idea is pretty neat, saving you time and money. It's supposed to last for 1000 dryer loads meaning I no longer have to purchase dryer sheets and I will hopefully be able to use less on the dryers downstairs.
Dryer balls
As I opened the box to get the balls ready, the fur babies attacked. Haha, they thought they had new balls to play with! Since I was doing two dryer loads at the same time, I decided to try 3 balls in each dryer but to use the minimum time (36 min) for the first 2 smaller drying loads. Usually, I do about 54 minutes to make sure everything gets dried. My latter two loads were combined into one extra large drying load for 54 minutes. I was really happy with the results. All of the clothing came out dry, even in the extra large load. I'm 100% positive that with the same amount of time, my last dryer load wouldn't have been dried normally. It also does a great job removing a good chunk of the static cling. However, minor static remained between the larger items. Woolzies recommends balling up an additional sheet of aluminum foil and tossing it to reduce more static. In terms of the wrinkle release, I don't think I saw much of a reduction. The Woolzie balls are also unscented so my laundry came out nice and fresh without any real scent. If you'd like some scent, you can use a drop or two of essential oils on the balls prior to using them. Overall, an easy to use product that definitely reduces static and drying time. The initial sticker price is a little bit of a shock but with the decreased drying time, electricity usage and no dryer sheets, I believe it'll end up with greater savings.

Buy It: Shop online for Woolzies. They come in 6 balls that sell for $35.99 + 6.95 shipping.
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