Thursday, October 27, 2011

#Sibu #Beauty Sea Buckthorn Series Hydrating Serum and Face and Body Bar #Review

Alright, so if you haven't guessed, I live a stressful life. I worry about a lot of things, my skin being one of them. As every day passes, I get a little older and I sprout a new wrinkle here and there. Sibu Beauty's newest line of Sea Buckthorn skin care products are designed to ease this worry of mine. Say that again? Sea Buckthorn? Ya, I never knew what it was either.

Sea buckthorn berries, more specifically, are a naturally sustainable resource, growing wild in the high altitude of Tibet. These berries are full of omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, a natural source of vitamins A, B, C, and E, gluten 3, and have powerful antioxidants/190 bioactive ingredients in them. 2 words: Super berries. LOL, and what's better, Sibu Beauty is working together with the local villagers in Tibet, promoting fair trade.

Let's get to the meat of the material. The Sea Buckthorn series with all its powerful features are meant to treat and sooth damaged skin, promote healthy skin, and fight aging both inside and out. I actually found this next fact very cool. Did you know that this berry has a written history of more than 28 centuries (CENTURIES!!) focusing on its usage in aging issues of health and beauty? They were implemented in treating and soothing damaged skin, healing wounds from ancient battles, and even as part of a special nutritional program. Tell me, how can I not love this berry??

I was sent the Sea Buckthorn Argousier Hydrating Serum and Sea Buckthorn Face and Body Bar to review. When I saw the word serum, I was expecting a really thick texture to the fluid. However, when you read the description, it really is a light, non-oily serum. So light that I wondered whether it would really hydrate my skin at all. I was pleasantly surprised, the serum absorbs quickly and easily, leaving my skin soft and smooth. The only thing I was a bit iffy on was the initial scent, which was very strong but faded away rather quickly so it wasn't too bad. I should note that I was also testing this out on the SO as he has developed this disgusting dry, irritated skin lately. You know what? It has been helping. In our opinion, it has been helping to soothe his skin and moisturize it quite well too. Its actually looking a lot better than a couple weeks back.

The Sea Buckthorn facial and body bar was much more lighter in fragrance and I found it quite nice. It helps to cleanse, detox, moisturize and repair the skin while creating a protective barrier against UV rays and cell damaging free radicals. Isn't that great? I love how Sibu Beauty has products to help you repair, protect and nourish your skin from both inside and out and I can't wait to see what else they have in this skincare line. As one of my buddies would say, "Looking good, feeling good."

Buy ItShop online for Sibu Beauty products. The Face and Body Bar retails for $6.95 and the Hydrating Serum retails for $39.95. Sibu Beauty is offering a special Halloween Treat No Trick Promo code for 30% off your order of $30+ one time, no limits. Use ORANGEOCTOBER before October 31, 2011 midnight.

Win It: 1 Whirlwind of Surprises' reader will win a Hydrating Serum and Face and Body Bar ($47) for themselves. Come back to enter the giveaway! Make it easier on yourself by showing the sponsors some love now: Like Sibu Beauty on facebook. Follow @Sibu_BeautySign up for their email list.

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Marthalynn said...[Reply]

I love it! Super Berries! This stuff sounds really amazing.

sarah shult said...[Reply]

I also get stressed and my face breaks out, I would love to tackle the outbreaks before they happen!

pmh said...[Reply]

find it hard to believe a serum that works can be light and refreshing!!!! hopeful to win this!!!

Cellorosin said...[Reply]

I want this!

Jemmy said...[Reply]

Would love to try this
prettishi at yahoo dot com

ALETA COLUCCI said...[Reply]

Nice review. Very informative. Thanks!

PurpleLarkspur said...[Reply]

Wow! Would love to try these products

larkspurpurple (at)

Huguette En said...[Reply]

Great review, awesome products!

jasmyth10 said...[Reply]

I always love to try new products and this sounds like a great brand. Thanks for the review!

Heather! said...[Reply]

I love that, even though Sibu is a company that makes beauty products for the *outside*, they understand that beauty starts on the *inside*! I really am interested in their softgel supplements (Omega7).
h4schaffer at gmail dot com

*Brittany C* said...[Reply]

I'd love to try the Sea Buckthorn Argousier Hydrating Serum. Thanks for the review!

Allison Downes said...[Reply]

I heard about this new Berry Through Dr. Oz! Ive been currently using Sibu Soft Gels and I can tell my skin and my weight has had psitive changes!! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Sea Buckthorn oil is something I have wanted to try for some time so I'd love to win.


Deb said...[Reply]

I have very sensitive skin and Sea Buckthorn berries are suppose to sooth damage skin & promote healthy skin.

Deb Dorrington

Gina said...[Reply]

I Love to try new skin products!!!

ignitezero said...[Reply]

These products look great!

Mosaic317 said...[Reply]

I would love to try these products!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

i tried their soap before, it's great for my sensitive skin
galyettina at yahoo dot com

wendy wallach said...[Reply]

i totally understand how getting older bbrings all those lovely little things like wrinkles into your life. Love when I can find something to slow down that process!

madamerkf at aol dot com

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