Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr. Sear's Zone 1-2-3 Diet Review

As a health care professional, I have always tried to eat healthy. However, let’s face it, with the hours I already have, eating properly really isn’t an option sometimes. Plus, I love staying fit and losing some excess weight is also part of the plan.  I stay as active as I can, playing tennis and other sports whenever I get a chance or taking my dog for a brisk walk or run. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t cut it. I absolutely despise working hard to lose weight and then becoming utterly disappointed when I gain it right back over a period of time. This is when I learnt about Zone Diet created by Dr. Barry Sears, leading authority on the dietary control of hormonal response.

It’s a diet and I still get to eat my carbs! Yay! The Zone 1-2-3 Program is a combination of 3 things. 1) Essential amino acids that are balanced with the correct carbohydrate amount in order to decrease hunger which helps to cut down on how much you consume in one day. Zone foods also provides enough protein in your diet. 2) Essential omega-3 fatty acids are important in order to decrease inflammation in your fat cells thereby allowing you to properly burn fat faster. 3) Polyphenols, the chemicals in fruits and vegetables that give them their color, are key in inhibiting cellular inflammation and therefore prevent weight gain. Crazy fact: 1 capsule of Zone Polyphenols = 10 servings of vegetables

Zone Diet sent me 2 weeks worth of food supplies from their Zone 1-2-3 Zone Fast Weight Loss Program for every meal in the day. Furthermore, to keep the food fresh, they sent me 1 week’s supply of food at a time. Using the Zone Diet was easy enough. All I had to do was substitute in their food into whatever you are regularly making. So, if you’re making pasta, just use a portion of their pasta instead. If you plan on having a sandwich for lunch, sub in their bread. What about a snack? There were granola packages packed in so that you could mix it with yoghurt. They even included a schedule and a menu that you could follow if you wanted. The great thing was that the menu varied each day and the meals were all slightly different. Even if there were bagels on different days, even the bagel flavor provided was different!

Now, if you’re wondering how the food tastes, I’ll tell you straight up what I thought. The bread, bagels, rolls and pasta were good incorporated to what I was cooking or having for my meal that day. I loved the granola for the yoghurt. Absolutely delicious! Pizza was fun and yummy too. My absolute favorite: Cinnamon Swirl Bread. The only thing I really wasn’t that into was the cookies. For some reason, they were really sweet and I just did not like those. Other than that, it was great. Definitely enjoyed the fact that a large variety of choices were available so that you would never get sick of what you were eating. I definitely did notice a decrease in hunger and ate less than I normally would during meals as well.

Want to try it? Purchase the Zone Fast Weight Loss Program online and it will include 2 weeks worth of food, a personal zone coach to work with you every step of the way, daily essentials (Convenient 1 pack per day nutrients that amplify Zone Foods’ anti-inflammatory effects), Healthy Recipe Guide, and a Zone living easy 1-2-3 booklet. All for $179. Or, you could try your luck out here! Zone Diet has been generous enough to offer 3 of Whirlwind of Surprises’ readers a Zone Fast Weight Loss Program of their own. That’s 3 grand prizes worth $179 each! Win it!.

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided free of charge from Zone Diet for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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Digi Stitches said...[Reply]

I didn't know they had a line of food, but we love the Zone Bars!

Kristen@CountryFitFamily said...[Reply]

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latanya t said...[Reply]

Thanks for letting us know how the food tastes. That is one of the main things I consider with online weight/diet food programs.

Brooke said...[Reply]

I eat Zone bars too! I didn't know they were part of a diet plan. I ate them when I was pregnant to get the protein that I needed since I am a vegetarian. It made me gain 70 pounds! lol. But, it was worth it to have a healthy baby. I am sure they are meant for meal supplements, not snacks. :) I am curently on WW to try to lose the baby weight.

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Unknown said...[Reply]

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showmestategirl said...[Reply]

I have tried every diet fad, to gym, to you name it that came in a bottle. I tend to give up quickly.

Lmbrunken said...[Reply]

I have horrible trouble sticking to diets cuz I never really know what to make or eat... this would help a lot.

mandala said...[Reply]

Losing weight in a healthy manner has been a struggle for me. I'd like to try this - I like that it allows you to eat foods you generally like/crave but in healthy portions and right calorie size.

clairerose77 said...[Reply]

I've always been interested in the Zone Diet especially the part about regulating hormones.I wish I tried it a long time ago:-cc

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Great post. I'm sure I'll be looking for a great diet after I have this baby to help me get rid of the baby weight.

Shannon said...[Reply]

I do my best to eat health and feed my family good food. It's always nice to hear good review on these plans and to hear how the food really tastes!

Momma3J said...[Reply]

Thanks for this post! My weight has fluctuated so much since my early 20s. I am looking for as much information as I can on what works (and what doesn't). This helped a great deal.

casey aubut said...[Reply]

I have been wanting to try this diet! If it is good enough for Jennifer Aniston- lol!

Heather R said...[Reply]

I like the fact that you can just substitute some of their food into your meals, like using their pasta when making a pasta dish, etc.


Rosa said...[Reply]

It's great that you mentioned how the food tastes. That is always one of my worries when it comes to diets like these.

Angel Jacklyn said...[Reply]


Lynda said...[Reply]

I have heard of the Zone Diet book, but I did not know that they had a line of food. I have been desperately trying to lose 60 pounds and nothing seems to work. I would love to try this plan.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I've struggled all my life to lose weight but haven't been successful. I'm hoping that I'll lose 95lbs in the next 14 months.

Lynda said...[Reply]

I was not aware that they had a line of diet foods. I have tried dieting on my own, Weight Watchers and nothing has worked so far. Maybe the zone diet will, I have had a couple of co-workers that swear by it.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I have struggled with my weight most of my life, up and down with pregnancies, and other issues. I am very willing to try anything that would be successful, and stick.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I've also struggled with weight loss for most of my life. I'm not horribly overweight, but I have a very hard time losing weight once I've gained it. I had lost almost 60 lb last year, then soon after became pregnant and gained most of it back. I don't know why I gain so much weight when I'm pregnant, but I've had my last baby and I want to lose the last of the baby weight. It's hard because at 31 I was the smallest I had been since high school - all for about 6 months.

Unknown said...[Reply]

If it wasn't so sad it would be funny! I've tried everything to loose weight! I would love to lose 40 pounds!
Connie G
CGruning at aol(dot)com

Gina said...[Reply]

Have been doing great losing weight so far.... lost 35 pounds is 3 months. Would love to try zone to lose the last stubborn 20!

Michelle @womenwwin said...[Reply]

Loosing weight is hard, especially without self-control. I wish I had a girlfriend to challenge me in weight loss. Michelle, @womenwwin

PebblesGood said...[Reply]

I have gained so much weight after the birth of my youngest son. I would love to loose weight and be in better shape so I don't feel so horrible all the time.

PebblesGood said...[Reply]

I've tried working out, eating better, but it seems like I just loose inspiration to do it when I don't see results.

Steph said...[Reply]

I've been struggling with weight issues pretty much my entire life. I've been enrolled in a Mon-Thur (1.5 hr) water fitness class since July 11th and am now seeing results. I do need to get my eating under control so that I can rid the fat clothes.

Keri B said...[Reply]

I would love to try this!!! Getting off this baby weight has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

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