Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Optical Illusion and Upcoming Reviews

I am crazily exhausted today as I am working on a bunch of reviews, real life and I had a super long day at work. However, I saw this crazy optical illusion today on "Mighty Optical Illusions" and wow...is all I can say. Check it out...
It looks like a globe, doesn't it?! And there are people sitting on top?! What? How? LOL, its actually flat, a design made on the ground with real trees and grass. It completely messes with your perception, huh? But still, pretty neat.  I am definitely am going to have to find out where exactly it is in Paris and make sure to stop by when I visit Paris again. 

On another note though, I am working on a bunch of cool reviews and giveaways right now that are set to launch soon. Make sure you stop by and check things out!

Until next time,

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Anonymous said...[Reply]

hey thanks for coming by http://daytodaymoments.com
My GFC isn't up. lol! Wordpress.com doesn't let me, learning I need to upgrade to self hosted to. :/
Working on fb page.

Sadie said...[Reply]

That is SO WEIRD... lol

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