Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mark. Body Cares that Cares...but does it hit the mark?

I was recently sent some Mark Body Care products as part of a new Bzzagent campaign. I was very excited to try these products because well, I'm a woman and I feel a need to take care of my body. So any chance I get to try out body products, I jump on it! I'm sure most of us women out there and even some men are interested in taking care of our bodies and finding a cream that is both nourishing and not too thick.  I was sent four products and I have to say my opinion varies for each one. Read on to find out what best suits you.

I really enjoyed the fact that Mark uses Fair Trade Certified Ingredients such as Mexican honey, Indian white tea, Peruvian cocoa butter and Egyptian hibiscus in their products to their plight to help poverty around the world. I commend them on that.

Product 1: Relief effort Total Comfort Body Creme
This is a creamy, fragrance-free whipped body cream that is supposed to provide 24hr hydration.  I used this after my showers every night and I liked it. Its perfect for those with fragrance allergies as it is unscented, however, I did sense a mild scent. It was enjoyable in the sense that it did not feel greasy at all as I applied it and it went on easily and smoothly. It also has the capacity of lasting awhile even with daily use. MRSP of this is $14 which I think fares about the same or is a bit less than Body Shop prices. 

Product 2: Do the Right thing Smoothing Body Lotion SPF 15
This is a lightweight, fragrance-free body lotion packed with antioxidants and SPF15 protection. I try to use this on my hands before I head out in the morning but to be honest, I have to leave so early in the morning and I'm at the hospital all day that I am frankly unable to tell you how good it'd be against the sun. This was much more liquid in texture than the Body Creme and it was alright as well. It had the same mild smell and was non-greasy. I have to say I preferred the Total comfort Body Creme over this as it almost felt a bit too light for me. MRSP $12.

Product 3: Fresh Approach Hydrating Body Cleanser
This is a fragrance free, hydrating body cleanser to cleanse and hydrate skin. This had an incredible watery texture... I can't say it felt very hydrating because it just felt too watery. I think the watery texture was also one of the reasons I ran out so quickly of it. My bottle was empty in the matter of a week and a half and with a MRSP of $10, I'm afraid I really can't afford to pay $10 for a body cleanser every 2 weeks. Besides though, it is again got that mild fragrance so for the most part, these first 3 products are great for those who are allergic to fragrances or enjoy mild fragrances. It was definitely an ok product but I think a bit of work needs to be done on its texture.

Product 4: The Big Fix 15 in 1 Big Benefits Balm
This is a travel friendly, multifunctional moisturizing balm that can be used anytime, anywhere. I'm going to be very blunt about this one. I was the most excited in seeing this product, but I was also the most disappointed in this product which wasn't that bad considering I was really hyped up for it. It was a great idea! I loved the functionality of it and the small, carry in my pocket size. Like I said, I'm at the hospital all day and being in surgery, I'm constantly scrubbing and washing my hands so I definitely need something to protect me from the damaging effects I put my hands through on a daily basis! I thought this was perfect for me. I guess it was. The only thing I really didn't like was the smell. This balm had a much stronger smell than any of the other products...and my colleagues had actually complained of the smell after being very excited to try it out. The other downpoint of this product was that it went on greasy, very greasy. My hands were shining like oil in a frying pan after I applied it and rubbed it all in. MRSP $10. I think this could possibly be worth it if they fixed up the scent and made it non-greasy. I totally need something like this and I think they had a great idea just needs to be tweaked a little.

Bottom line:
Relief Effort Total Comfort Body Cream: Totally hits the mark! I loved this product.
Do the Right thing smoothing body lotion: SPF 15: mmm...I'd say this would be fairly close to the mark
Fresh Approach Hydrating Body Cleanser: I would say this was kind of close to hitting the mark but fell a bit short.
15 in 1 Balm: I have really mixed feelings about this one. Its the feeling of the arrow hitting the mark and then falling off. Honestly, it needs improvement and I feel once it has improved, it'd be a superb product and I would love it to death.

Overall, I did enjoy the new Mark Body Care line and would advise people to try it. If you are interested in trying it, there is currently a promotion code (BUYFT3) going on at their site which is the only place you can find these products right now. It gives you $3 off any product and there are no limits. 

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent. The product/s mentioned above have been provided free of charge from the manufacturer or PR firm for the purposes of this review. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. 

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