Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working off the Pounds...

I have decided to join up with "I'm just your average mom" for Weight Loss Wednesdays because I know it always helps to have some support on the side when trying to lose weight. I seem to have a dilemma whenever I come home because our families are constantly worrying about whether we feed ourselves. It really is true that no matter how old you get, your family will still treat you like you are two. So, they buy your favourite foods and that's when it gets dangerous! For that reason and also my love for fries and cheesy foods (Cheetos, extra cheese on my lasagna, cheesecake; anything cheesy, you name it, I'll eat it!), I find it really hard to lose weight and keep fit.

I have tried numerous weight loss programs, Debbie Siebers, Tony Horton's p90x, and lots of infomercials! Time after time, I have problems following through with the workout regimen. I did do p90x for a bit over a month and then found I had a tough time trying to get in that hour or hour and 15 every day. It just would not work with my schedule. I have to say, I LOVE LOVE ab ripper X, because it toned my belly area. Its not at a 6 pack but I love how I can see definition. Of course, that's all gone down the drain since I haven't done it for a couple months now.

My latest venture is with the Tony Horton's 10 minute Trainer. I figured 10 minutes isn't that much of my day. Sure, I have no time, but 10 minutes, I can handle! Or so I hope... I decided to go with the "Accelerated Version" with their predefined 2 workouts a day. Yesterday was the first day and I found it somewhat hard without the appropriate equipment. I have the resistance bands and the door hook that keeps your band steady but I don't have the band that wraps around your body! I used another resistance band as a makeshift tie/band around my body but that didn't work out so well. So if you have any clue where I can buy a band to wrap around my body like the one they use, give me a shout, I'd love to pick one up. I'm a little disappointed I don't feel very sore today; I'm kind of weird, I love the pain that comes after a good workout the day after!

Stay tuned, I'll let you know how it goes and if I stick to it this week next Wednesday!

Until next time,

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Tracey said...[Reply]

Wow, you are following the same footsteps I am! I love Tony Horton's workouts and started with P90X. I love it, but it is a huge time commitment. So now I am doing the 10 minute trainer but I don't put the band in the door. I don't recall there being a band to put around your abdomen, I will have to look next time I do the cardio. I find that just the cardio workout alone is enough without the extra resistance. Now if I could only keep it up during the entire week. I find that I go really strong for three days and then I stop.

Thanks for linking up to Weight Loss Wednesday!
♥ Tracey

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