Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays 4: Moving On...

I think I've had more than a lifetime's worth of packing boxes and lifting them. I learnt an important lesson this week...STOP BUYING THINGS!! Our house is filled with things that we've picked up at one time or another thinking it was useful and then they were used it once and after that, they have become professional dust collectors. Its been ample training for me because every single box I've packed lately could definitely weigh ~50lbs with all my university notes and textbooks. Talk about paper weight! 

Last Wednesday, I went and took a break and played a round of 18 at a beautiful course in the mountains. Such breathtaking views and you know what? I came home and my baby abs :) were sore the whole next day...even the bottom trouble area, which I was very surprised about. So, my advice this week is although you're out there enjoying yourself when playing a round, I personally like it when I walk the course because it gives you added exercise and plus, if you carry your own bag, a bit of weight training as I like to call it.  

Have a great week and come back next week for my newest updates. 

Join in with Tracey who started Weight Loss Wednesdays and I for moral support as we each go through our own unique weight loss journeys. She's currently also got a great giveaway going on for after workout recovery drinks! Go check it out.

Until next time,

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Angie Chu said...[Reply]

Me too!haha,especially after graduation.I've got lots of notes,textbooks,papers etc.I spent a whole day to pack them~

Tracey said...[Reply]

Ack, I don't envy you at all with packing. Looks like I will be doing that soon as well and I am NOT looking forward to it! But I DO envy you playing golf - one of these days I'm going to learn. ♥Tracey

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