Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...How would you wear your sunglasses?

How do you wear your sunglasses? Do you wear them over your head? Clip them on your shirt? Do you like big aviator frames or little ones? Embellished or non-embellished? This is how someone I know wears theirs...or tries to anyways...
monsters university
Teehee! Well, how do you like his fashion sense? I'll be updating you on this when I get back on my trip at the end of this month because I'll be getting teased with a slightly longer preview of Monsters Inc., 3D!! Haven't heard of the movie yet? You must be living under a rock! Kidding...but I know it's going to be sweet!

Monsters Inc., 3D will be out Dec 19th. Keep up with then fun on the Monsters University Facebook Page.

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Jen said...[Reply]

Ahh! Monsters Inc.! So much fun. I wonder if a one eyed monster (or person...) could watch a 3D movie. Interesting.

Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

We've got this penciled in on the calendar already!

TheSuburbanMom said...[Reply]

He needs eye-patch style 3D glasses, don't ya think? Can't wait to meet you in a couple weeks.

EMILY said...[Reply]

Really looking forward to this fun movie! Loved it the first time!

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