Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#BabyPom...Movie Star in the making! #BHC3BloggerDay

BabyPom: Watch it, watch it...future movie star coming through...

LOL, BabyPom, don't be silly although you did learn some moves. We're still amazed at our trip to Pasadena and how much fun it was all packed into a short period of time. Not only did we get to screen Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la Fiesta!, we also got the opportunity to interview the director (Lev L. Spiro), producer (Sara E. White), and one of the dog trainers. We were able to get answers to some of your questions and more!
dog training session
Quick Facts:
-95% of the dogs used were rescues. Some of them were found loving homes after the event. There's a button at the end of the movie that supports adoption!
-Dogs do have stunt doubles. Papi's stunt double was only used twice and Chloe never used her stunt double.
-27 dogs were used in the filming of this movie. The most they had on the set was during the Quinceanera scene when all 27 dogs were here over a span of 3 days. It's more of a technique as to how they can hide the trainers somewhere in the scene for each dog.
-Filming days are 12 hours long but the dogs film intermittently throughout the day.
-Dogs are trained for a period of 3 months: 2 months of basics and 1 month of movie-specific training.
-To keep the dogs focused, they get treats...lots of treats!
-A scene usually took 3-4 takes, 7-8 if it was a complicated scene.
-Filmed at The Langham Pasadena over 5 weeks

There was also a dog training session in the afternoon. Well, it was more of a learning session about how they train movie dogs. It's was educational. There's something called a "spot", which is pretty much a black disc that marks where the dog is supposed to go to. It makes it easier for the camera to follow because they'll know exactly where to end up. It's simple but smart! Baby Pom, if you want to be a movie star, you'll have to start there...

BabyPom: What if I pose on here like Chloe and Papi on top of the pedestal? Does that work? BOL! I can't wait to get home so that I can practice with big sis (JR).
Langham Pasadena
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Krista said...[Reply]

Awww! BabyPom is adorable!!! That's soooo cool- I've always wondered how films with dogs were made, I wonder how many treats they went through for the filming of the movie??? :) Great update, can't wait to see the movie!!!

Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

My daughter knew exactly who that was when I was reading this post haha! Guess we need to get the third movie :)

Tailor Made Momma said...[Reply]

I love that they used rescue dogs and helped to find them homes! That is awesome!

Emily @FamilyNLifeLV said...[Reply]

I love that they used rescue dogs! Way to go Disney!! Looks like a great event!

Shauna said...[Reply]

Om, these are so super cute... I love that they are rescues! Thank you for sharing

About a Mom said...[Reply]

My family loves this move! Thanks for all the fun behind the scenes info!

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