Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday's Wardrobe...#OASAP picks of the month

I just received new clothes from OASAP and they fit this time! Woohoo! I can actually fit in all of them. Are you ready to see my new outfits? I was able to pick up a couple dresses, a top and a cardigan! Tell me what you think of my pairings for this Wednesday's Wardobe!
little black dress reviewdress review
Let's start with the dresses. I had ordered a $22 black dress that ended up being more like a tunic. It was a tad short for my liking but the material was stretchy and comfortable. Despite being one size fits all, it'd be better for sizes XS-Medium. JR decided that she wanted to be in on the fashion shoot too! ;) The second dress I chose had a very similar v-neck design. The dress I ordered was a gorgeous $28 gray dress that dipped in both the front and the back. The one I received actually had a back to it so I'm not sure if my order somehow got mixed up or if they just have a wrong representation of the dress being sold. This was also one size fits all and would likely fit up to a large. I liked this dress better simply because it was a tad longer than the other one. Unfortunately, it was definitely lower cut in the front. I had gotten both of these as possible contenders in the red carpet event next month. There was just something not quite right so in the end, I combined the 2 dresses together, using the black one underneath for slightly more coverage. You'll have to wait for my red carpet dresses post to see that pairing!
fashion review Black cardigan review
I am always on the look out for cardigans and dressier tops. You can never have enough of these to create the perfect outfit. This $26 dress top is a great addition to any wardrobe for the fall. In a heavier material, this long-sleeved top kept me warm and cozy, while providing a clean cut dressy look. The flowery buttons on the sleeve were a cute addition. In terms of sizing, it was only available in medium and large. I got the medium and it was a tad loose on me. The sleeves were also a bit shorter than I would've liked. I have been told I have really long arms though so I'm not sure if the sleeve length would've been good on everyone else. The $23 detailed cardigan was something else though. I knew I wanted it from the moment I saw it. With the embroidered shoulders and back, it made for an unique style that also offered a bit of coverage. This also came in one size only. Unfortunately, this was very tight to put over my shoulders and arms. I wouldn't say I have big arms but they're not stick thin either. I got myself some biceps. ;) in reality, this cardigan would probably fit XS-S. I was able to wriggle my way in and it really was a pretty piece.
fashion picks
I'm happy I was able to grab so many items for decent prices and they're all quite versatile. That's all for Wednesday's Wardrobe. What was your favorite outfit?

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Nikki said...[Reply]

That is such a cute outfit!

Jadey said...[Reply]

I love the black dress the most!

Elizabeth L said...[Reply]

I do like the black dress, it's really cute!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

I really love all of these looks! The dresses are adorable!

Vanessa said...[Reply]

very cute dress and pics!

diane grubbs said...[Reply]

Very nice dress great photos

Angela Ricardo said...[Reply]

Great finds! Totally fab.

Ericka @Nibbles and Feasts said...[Reply]

Nice! Looking into this ASAP!

UntrainedHairMom said...[Reply]

Super cute picks, you both look fabulous. I love those dresses.

Coupons and Friends said...[Reply]

I love the outfits!

Marie, shiny pearl said...[Reply]

all looking good!

Someday I'll Learn said...[Reply]

I love that grey dress!

Unknown said...[Reply]

They really have some beautiful items!

Amber K said...[Reply]

Great looks, gorgeous clothes!

Ronni Keller said...[Reply]

You look great in all of it, really. But I think based on your comments, I'm picking the gray dress!

Sarah Everett said...[Reply]

Everything seemed very reasonable, and very versatile too. From evening, to semi casual, you made some great choices!! I like the black dress but i agree, a tad short!!!

sara ford said...[Reply]

very cute outfits its something I would wear as well

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