Friday, August 17, 2012

Mmm...#CesarCuisine Cookie Crunchies #Review

Cookie Crunchies Review
JR & Baby Pom: Wow mommy! You really do love us, we just received an interesting package. *sniffs sniffs* Okay, no bomb detected, go ahead and open it up! BOL! It's bags of Cesar's new Cookie Crunchies! Woah, they come in Chicken Rotisserie flavor and Filet Mignon flavor and are only 10 calories each. Give it to us!

JR: I knew I smelt something good in these boxes! When mommy tore open that bag of Rotisserie Chicken, my mouth started watering. I'd be surprised if mom wasn't too. Even daddy thinks it smells good and he usually can't stand the smell of our food or treats.

Baby Pom: It was so hard sitting still for mommy to get that picture before I could have my treat. I kept getting up and trying to steal it out of mommy's hand but she wouldn't have none of that!
JR & Baby Pom Reviews Rotisserie Chicken Cookie CrunchiesJR & Baby Pom Review Filet Mignon Cookie Crunchies
JR & Baby Pom: So yummy! What are these cookie crunchies? They're so amazingly good, we'll do all our tricks just for one. What? Aww, mommy, you didn't have to, the three differently shaped Cookie Crunchies say "I love dogs". We love you too, now give us some more! We won't get fat since it's only 10 calories a treat and they're baked! Thanks Cesar for sending us yummy goodies! Come back for our next review, but now, we're surrounding mommy like sharks going in for our prey. BOL!

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Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom

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isis said...[Reply]

I love how you did this review! I'm not creative enough to think of doing like a script/conversation as a review. I don't have pets but it sure does seem like your adorable pets love their Cookie Crunchies!

Grandma Juice said...[Reply]

OMG you crack me up with that Paws Out every time I come read your blog... I'm thinking I should try those :)

Simply Stacie said...[Reply]

You are so cute!! You made me LOL! Your dogs are adorable.

Liz Mays said...[Reply]

They were really eager to get into those! I'm glad they like them so well!

Marina@EBMR said...[Reply]

I love the pics and honestly wish I had a little pup now

LisaLisa said...[Reply]

Wow, this is so cute! I know my daughter little pup would love tho try Cesar Cookie Crunchies. This is a Great review!!

Dr Tiffany B said...[Reply]

Dear JR and Baby Pom, thanks for the review. Your photos are gorgeous. Even though I work for CESAR dog food, I think your adorable faces clearly outshine everything else. Keep smiling and enjoy the Cookie Crunchies!

desitheblonde said...[Reply]

my dog look llike your pom he spiled i usally give hime one in mooirng and thenbefroe bed

viviana rodriguez said...[Reply]

i give my dog about 2 treats a day!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Jen Boehme
I give them each under 10 a day, we are in potty training.

sara ford said...[Reply]

I give my dog 6 milk bones a day 3 after her morning walk and 3 after her night walk

Four Paw Savings said...[Reply]

Love the review! The dogs get a treat every time they come in the house (usually 2 treats actually). So maybe 6 a day?

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