Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Stop Christmas Hop Spotlight: #Continuum #Games #Review


I remember the Christmas that my mom bought my brother and I games. She had hid them  somewhere and it was a hunt to find them. So, games really bring back warm memories. Continuum Games have a wide variety of Award-winning games and have sent me a couple adorable, yet portable games to review this holiday season. 

Family Talk 2 is the second edition of their Family Talk conversation games that includes 100 conversation cards with new questions. Recommended for ages 3+ and suitable for 2+ players, it's great for the family to sit around the table and have a conversation. Since it comes with a ring, it can easily be clipped on and taken on car trips, vacation, or even to a party. Its simple enough. Just pick a card, ask the question, and well, get an answer. Who knows what your child or teen may reply? I actually think my parents would love this right now with my brother being the silent type! LOL, they wish he'd talk. This could be the thing that does it. I really liked how this game offers a neutral standpoint of asking questions, while allowing the people involved to get a glimpse in the mind and heart of family and friends. A sample question includes: What do you want to be remembered for? Err, I can see all sorts of different answers spouting out from people of different ages. How about a 3 year old asking mom, "Is it ever okay to lie?" Imagine the fun, the laughter, the silliness...
Lumps, the Elf Coal Game is perfect for the holiday season. The lumps of coal even come in a Christmas stocking. So cute! Its the winner of Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award. Recommended for ages 6+ and can accomodate 1-100 players. Let's get the party started! This dice game's goal is to score the most points in three rolls by rolling pairs of the same number. So if you roll a pair of 3's, you score 3 points and if you roll a pair of 10's then you score 10 points. The game is unique in that there are four different types of dice and few high numbers. So, start with all 8 dice, roll them and choose at least 4 dice to keep. Re-roll the remaining dice. After this second turn, you must hold at least 6 dice and then make a final roll with any remaining dice. Record your score and let the next player go. You play until a player reaches 100 or more points. When this occurs, then everyone finishes off their turn that round and the highest score wins. This is the harder version for 8 year olds and up. There's a simplified version detailed in the instruction for 6 year olds and up as well.  Its simple and easy and could make for hours of fun!

Both these games would make for some great stocking stuffers and hours of family fun everywhere!

Buy ItShop online or look in your local stores for Continuum Games. Use funforallages for 15% OFF online. Family Talk 2 retails for $9.99 and Lumps, the Elf Coal Game retails for $7.99.

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Marthalynn said...[Reply]

How fun! I would be stumped trying to answer the "Is it ok to lie?" question too. How do you explain that to a toddler?? Great review!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

i have been looking for a game that would be fun for everyone but yet educational and i think this is it.thank you i love the review.

A GAL NEEDS... said...[Reply]

This sounds like a great family game and worth trying!

Shannon Jaymesmom Gallagher said...[Reply]

The Family Talk game sounds like fun and a great way to get those not so easy to talk family members into some interesting conversation!

Shannon Gallagher
lovescrissangel at hotmail dot com

tweetyscute said...[Reply]

Game nights are my all time favorite.

Unknown said...[Reply]

This sounds like a really fun game

Aranda said...[Reply]

Seems like a fun game!

Aranda Gibbs

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