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Get the perfect Wine Opener just in time for #MothersDay #ad

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You know, I'm quite klutzy when it comes to opening wine bottles. There's just something about the ergonomics of it all. I can never open one comfortably and am always worried about getting chunks of cork into a bottle of wine or breaking the bottle itself. It really translates to a clumsy looking hostess whenever we have friends or family over. This is problematic since my mother-in-law loves her wine and of course, like any daughter-in-law, it'd be nice to look good when your mother-in-law visits, right? So, here are some well designed wine openers that will make your life simpler.

If you thought the way a bottle opener is designed doesn't matter, you're wrong. Yes, I've seen the unconventional ways people have used to open a wine bottle...Hammer, screw driver, knife, etc. I have both a travel cork screw and a general bottle/wine opener. I've never liked either because they were both so hard to use. I would worry about dropping the bottle or braking it in the process and of course, there was always cork in the bottle.

Along comes Vinturi, a company that started with wine aerators. They now also have an assortment of sleek and functional wine and bottle openers ranging in a varied and affordable price range.
Stylish functional wine openers
The one that caught my eye though was the Vinturi Vertical Wine Opener ($99.95), exclusive to Williams-Sonoma, another store I happen to love.

This Vertical Wine Opener featured not only a gorgeous style that had curves in all the right places but also had a great variety of functionality. Made of durable chrome-plated cast zinc and plastic, it has a non-stick screw that glides through the cork and pulls it out in one quick up-and-down motion. It even has a built-in foil cutter to make the job easier. One tool to do the complete job.

-4 1/2" x 2" x 7" high
-Replacement screw included
-Made in China.

To make it simple, I tested the opener a wine bottle that did have a foil. Here are my thoughts on the Vinturi Vertical Wine Opener.

-Love the look
-The foil cutter works pretty easily.
-The up-and-down motion was straight forward and simple. Push down to get the screw into the cork and pull up to remove the cork. Push down and up again to release the cork.
-Ergonomic design allows you to stabilize the bottle in your less dominant hand while getting the cork out.
-No chunks of cork left in the wine!
-Easy to clean: Wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed
-Comes with a replacement cork screw which is surprisingly simple to replace.

-It's a bit bigger than I expected.
-The finish is quite gorgeous until you get your finger prints on it.
Stylish functional wine openers
Simply put, you can't go wrong with something that looks this great and works well too. If this one's a bit too pricey for you, Vinturi has a great range of good looking yet functional wine and bottle openers that start in the price range of $13.99. Think about it, it would make for a great way to impress your mother or mother-in-law for that matter. I have mine ready for when my mother-in-law arrives in a few weeks! Find Vinturi products online at their site below, Bed Bath and Beyond or at Williams-Sonoma.

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