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How to deal with menstrual pains naturally

Guys be warned, this is a womanly topic. Or if you want to wow your lady, brace yourself and read on. I'm just messing with you. It's not that bad. It's probably not in your comfort zone but if you've been with your lady long enough, it just may be...barely touching your comfort zone.

Alright, ladies. Who gets menstrual cramps? I do and I'm not afraid to admit it. Often the several days before my time of the month comes, my lower spine starts aching. It never fails. I get bad pains the first couple of days before it subsides.

I'm not a fan of taking medications either. I tend to take very little unless I really need it and sometimes I do. Then I was contacted by Ziivaa, a medication-free method of taking care of menstrual pains.
Ziivia belt review
When you're on your period, the contracting uterus ends up pulling on all of the suspensory ligaments it's attached to. These ligaments are attached to the pelvis, sacrum (lower back), and soft tissue. So, that leads to pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis and can extend to the lower back as well as the legs.

Using Adjustable Compression Technology™, the Ziivaa belt ($149.99) takes care of pain or discomfort with 15 minutes of treatment, sometimes less. They also boast that one treatment may be enough for most pains. Others may have to use it up to twice a day. The idea is that with this belt, you compress your pelvic wall, therefore decreasing the stretch and tension on those ligaments and easing the discomfort.

It came in a pretty purple box. The mechanism is simple and you keep the ratchet side on your dominant side. With it properly placed on my hips, I found a mild to moderate subsidence of my lower back pain. I tend to have more back pain problems than abdominal pain, although sometimes both pains together is a force to be reckoned with. So, I can see this helping those who have their lifestyle interrupted due to their menstrual pains.

I had no issues adjusting the belt into place. My only irk about the product is the long belt. While it's meant to be one size for all, the leftover belt on smaller women can be quite lengthly. Adding a clip or something of the sort to hold any excess belt would be appreciated. Other than that, I'm looking forward to quelling my pains next month. Until then, my Ziivaa belt will be stored in it's own purple pouch.

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