Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day with love from #MonstersU

Happy Mother's Day! #MonstersU
Happy Mother's Day! What have you got planned for tomorrow? A relaxing day? With or without the kids? Well, my mom and grandma are both off on an adventure tomorrow but we celebrated early and they've received their gifts already. For those of you at home, I've got a special Mother's Day clip featuring Ms. Squibbles and the rest of the MU Gang for you and some fun #MonstersU activities to keep the kids out of your hair tomorrow.
I can't wait til June 21st! I already had my parents watch Monsters Inc., 3D so you can say I'm already getting them ready to be enrolled into Monsters University.

Much like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, how would you, ahem, I mean the kids, like to play Pin the MU Badge on Archie? Or create and name your own monster. I detect hours of family fun or even kids fun, while mom slips off to the bubble bath. What do you think? Just click the image to download!
Download free #MonstersU Games and Activity sheets
Best wishes for a monstrously relaxing Mother's Day filled with love and warmth!

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