Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Meals in One Day Review and Father's Day Giveaway

Is your father the one in the family that loves to cook but doesn't ever have enough time? I know my dad enjoys cooking much more than my mom and my family members are often really busy so we usually end up cooking a crazy storm to make enough food for a week in our household. Now that I'm kind of on my own, I've had no time to cook and it has been take out after take out after take out. I love the food but that's how I've been gaining weight and I much prefer home-cooked meals because I can watch my calories and still eat healthily. Then, I got wind of "30 Meals in One Day" by Red Timer Inc. This could be the perfect gift for dad. 

It is what it says, its a guide that allows you to pick 15 recipes and then work on them, all in one day to in the end produce enough food for your family for a month! Imagine getting all that work out of the way and still have amazingly delicious food that although comes out of the freezer, tastes absolutely fresh. So how do you figure out what ingredients you need from the store once you have your 15 recipes picked out? Well, you could count and tally things up one by one, or you could use the software which comes in the package to click, click, print and you're done. The software allows you to click on which recipes you plan on using out of the more than 150 recipes available and it will automatically figure out how much of everything you need; just print the list and take it to the grocery store. The cool thing I like about the software is that it also allows you to edit or add your own recipes, as well as make labels and lists of what you're about to make and store so that everything's organized and you know exactly what is in your freezer. The 150 recipe list is not a typo! This way, you never have to repeat your meals every single month and your family will never be sick of it.

My dilemma at the current time was actually how full my freezer is. At this moment, it is packed all the way to the outside shelves so unfortunately, I had no room to store a month's worth of prepared food. The concept of it though, is so hard to resist! I decided to try some recipes out for size first before progressing onto the bigger task at hand. I flipped through the recipes and decided on lasagna, a favorite dish of mine that I knew I would be more than excited to make. I used a combination of three lasagna recipes (Simple Lasagna + Cheesy Lasagna +Mexican Lasagna) because well, I know my SO is a 'super carnivore' so I needed meat in my lasagna and I am trying to stay fit so I didn't want as much cheese. So clearly, my lasagna was a modified version of those 3 recipes.
Preparation done! 
Ready to Eat!
It was really quick and easy to make. To be honest, it looked so good and yummy at the end that I didn’t want to freeze it and ended up baking it right away. My pan was actually quite shallow and big because it really wasn’t meant to bake lasagna so I ended up having to use an extra can of spaghetti sauce but it still turned out scrumptious! My SO asked for seconds after a BIG helping and I also wanted seconds despite being completely stuffed! I also didn’t split it up into different sized containers because I wanted to see how many meals this one recipe would last us. Being fairly big eaters, I would say that the lasagna recipes would probably last the two of us 2-3 meals. Are you looking to prepare 30 great meals in one day without derailing your weight loss diet?

Buy It: If you're a first time user and hesitant on spending too much money, the Dinner is Ready book with tips and 150 recipes is available for 14.95, online for 12.95. If you want to savvy software and book package, it is available for $40 or you can purchase it online for $32! Use CAROUSEL for free shipping. Use UTFAIR for $5 off $12 purchase.

Win It: One lucky Whirlwind of Surprises reader is going to win a Dinner is Ready book and software, worth $40 as part of the Father's Day Blog Hop Giveaway Event with over $250 in prizes! To make things better, if you buy anything online and then win the giveaway, you get either the combo set or up to a $40 refund of your purchase. Make it easier on yourself later by visiting and liking Dinner is Ready's Facebook page now.  

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I love, love, love to cook, but I don't think I do once a month cooking.

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