Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays 5: Don't Give Up!

Yes, I'm still packing and in the middle of renos and everyday has been extra long, usually running from 05:30 - 02:00. So, with a packed schedule, how did I get any exercise in? I definitely can't fit in 10 minute trainer lately but all the going up and down stairs and weight lifting has been helpful. Or sometimes, if I feel energetic, I'll hop several steps up at a time to give myself a change in pace and I try to keep my core muscles tense as I move up and down the stairs. :)

The other thing I find really useful is that I do the multiple small meals a day. I find it cuts down on cravings and I feel more satisfied because it doesn't feel like I'm eating very much, although I'm eating many times a day.   

Have a great week and come back next week for my newest updates. 

Join in with Tracey who started Weight Loss Wednesdays and I for moral support as we each go through our own unique weight loss journeys. Go check out her blog. She's taking a break this week but I'd like to keep up for those of you who read. :)

Until next time,

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