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Loving our Personalized #Disney and #Dinosaur Reading with In The Book! #books #spon

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We absolutely love personalized gifts! I think it gives that added touch that makes a present that much more special. In fact, I’ve given some personalized books to our nephews in the past. So when In The Book reached out, what was the difference?

Well, In The Book offer fully personalized books for children as any other group. You can feature the special one’s name on the cover and in the story, and add a heartfelt message. What was new and different for us was that some of these books have the option to add a photo to the back page, which was pretty awesome. The highlight though? In The Book has an exclusive Disney license, meaning if you want a personalized Disney book, this is where you want to be.

There was a great variety of choices which always makes it hard for me to choose. It took awhile and we finally narrowed down to Pet Dinosaur and Disney’s Jungle Book.

Personalized Disney and Dinosaur Book Gifts for Kids
The Pet Dinosaur book is one of the books from In The Book where you could add a picture to the end and we ended up making it a birthday present for our preschooler. The box these personalized books are packaged in is a gorgeous gift box. As soon as he opened it up, he was just on the book. This mommy knows her preschooler and his love for dinosaurs!

Adorable Personalized Books for Kids
Gosh, he read that book 2-3 times before bed the first night and he absolutely loved seeing his own picture in the back. The story was cute and we loved the dinosaur facts at the end.

Disney’s Jungle Book was wrapped in an equally beautiful box, ready to be gifted. The Disney books are just such classics so the personalization is a bit different. Instead of actually being a part the story, it’s more of a “A book for *child’s name*” or “Especially for *child’s name*” on the cover and pages respectively instead. Still personalized, just not as in detail and may be better for an older child. Nonetheless, you can still put a personalized message in the book. The book is a beauty and we’re saving it as a Christmas present! I hope this classic is a book that our preschooler will keep and maybe eventually share with his own preschooler in the future.

Our experience with In The Book was easy and straightforward and I would definitely consider them for any personalized gifts. The book prices vary in range and start at $25, even the Disney ones! Our son was super excited to read his book and kept trying to get his Christmas present early too! Use Book20 for 20% off!

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