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10 Things You Need to Know about #PokemonGo #tech #tips

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I got into Pokemon Go about a week ago when my brother texts me from Canada asking if he can use my iTunes account to download the app since Pokemon Go came out earlier in the US. LOL! Surely enough, I found myself addicted along with the many players in the world. Are you playing it or know someone who is? This Pokemon Go phenomenon has hit fans of all ages, celebrities included, and has also lead to quite a bit of controversial injuries. The app is free with in-app purchases but before you head off to download the hottest game in the market, here are 10 Things You Need to Know about Pokemon Go!

For those who aren't aware of Pokemon Go yet, it's an app where you run around catching Pokemon, battling them and whatnot. The difference from prior Pokemon games is that it incorporates your actual location and maps so that you can catch Pokemon in your own world.
PokemonGo Tips, Cheats

10 Things You Need to Know about Pokemon Go

1) Getting Pikachu -You can get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. The way to do this is to run away from the first 3 options that the game gives you and do NOT catch them. Eventually, the system realizes and Pikachu shows up. The typical first Pokemon offered is Charmander, who I happen to adore anyways. Catching Pokemon is easier if you get it within the inner of the two circles during the aiming process.

2) Addiction -This game is addictive, in fact, so much that you will end up being the snob that is always on the phone. My husband is always complaining about my being on the phone, catching Pokemon.

3) Systems Down -Related to #2, due to the crazy amounts of people that are playing worldwide, the server is frequently down or in their terms, "experiencing issues". It is a tad frustrating at times for players. Here's to hoping for server updates.

4) Safety Concerns -Again related to #2, there have been a series of accidents, no joke, of people getting mugged, falling into holes, getting into car accidents and even a stampede in Central Park due to people playing the game and not paying attention to their surroundings. While it is an addictive game, if your children are playing, it's important to keep an eye on them just in case.

5) Pokestops -At Pokestops, you learn about historical landmarks and interesting spots and pick up items needed for the game. With my travels, I've noted, there are a lot more Pokestops in cities than towns. When you approach a Pokestop, the square blue box turns into a circle. Tap it and spin it to obtain items. As a side note, I love the Pokestops and the egg incubation features of the app because it encourages people to get out and walk, inspiring a healthier lifestyle. Now for the tip, if you're in an area with a bunch of stops, the game tells you to either tap or swipe the items to obtain them but even if you "x" out, it still collects the items.
PokemonGo Tips, Cheats
6) Your Bag -You have 350 item slots in your bag unless that's upgraded, however you can still spin Pokestops and obtain items when you're at 350, so ending up at 353 or 354/350 is possible.

7) Earning XP -Even if your bag is full with 350 items, you can still spin Pokestops to earn 50xp.

8) Power Up/Evolving Pokemon -You can power up or evolve your Pokemon using stardust and candy specific for the Pokemon type. However, in my time playing this game, I usually end up catching a stronger level Pokemon of the same type or it's evolved version, so I'd hold off on powering up or evolving until you have stronger Pokemon.

9) Battery Zapper -This is no surprise. I can quickly lose ~20% of my iPhone 6 battery within 1 hour of having the app open. I am constantly plugging in my phone or using my spare chargers. You can save some battery by turning off AR mode. It's not as cool as being able to catch Pokemon in your live surroundings, but your phone will last longer and the Pokemon will stay centered on your screen.

10) Data Usage -Surprisingly, Pokemon Go isn't too crazy on data usage. I play regularly at home on wifi and out on data and in the last 6 days since my new bill cycle started, I've used a total of 362.08MB of data, which includes my regular apps (gps, internet, other games) and I've been fairly regularly using data for Pokemon 3-4 hours/day.

There is so much more I could talk about and things I'm learning as the game progresses but so far, I think these are the most pertinent tips I'd like to share.

What about you? Who's playing in your household? What tips do you have?

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