Monday, March 26, 2012

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I try to do my bit and recycle bottles, yes, even in NYC. People look at you like you're crazy here when you bring in bottles because for some inherent reason, almost no one recycles bottles here and the ones that do are the homeless who try to survive from the money they make off bottle picking. However, my recycling stems from my Canadian background where you see everybody bringing their bottles in. Rubbermaid has come up with a Hidden Recycler to make things easier on me.
Hidden Recycler green products

You see, I've been storing my bottles in plastic bags and it's quite unsightly. The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler helps to hide it out of sight. It features a handle for transport and hooks foreasy attachment to a cabinet door. You can also install it with screws which are not included. The 5 gallon bag itself holds up to 36 12-ounce cans and is designed to be leak-proof and machine washable. Further, the bag and all packaging is made from recyclable material making for an overall green product. the product is recyclable

My take? Love the idea because I hate leaving my bottles utopia in plastic bags. This is able to keep them hidden and I don't need to worry about any fluid leakage because of the leak proof liner. The bag also feels durable and is of medium size. I certainly have more bottles and would easily be able to overfill the bag itself but for those that have more time to recycle or have a recycling bin in their apartment,this shouldn't be a problem. I have to say I love e hook in idea but would suggest that Rubbermaid make the hooks wider because it will not fit on all cabinet doors. The design of mine made it too thick to slide the hooks all the way down. I'm sure that's why they have the screw on option but because I'm in a rental, I prefer hooks to holes. And it takes a bit of figuring out to put the bag on because it attaches via hooking the holes in the bag on the little plastic attachments as you can see from my picture above. Other than that, I do quite like the product.

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Gladys Parker said...[Reply]

How wonderful, you can hide it. It is machine washable! Another great product from Rubbermaid!
Gladys P

Unknown said...[Reply]

I find it interesting that you say no one recycles or brings back bottles in New York, myself living in Canada it means cash!! Is it because a lot of people don't drive in NYC? I thought the US was further ahead in recycling than Canada, I am surprised that a incorrect perception!

Cinny said...[Reply]

@D.CalvertLOL, people do but it seems the culture here that does the recycling are the ones that do so for a living... sadly. When people see me here carrying a bag of bottles out, they kind of smirk and laugh, incorrectly assuming that the reasons why I do recycle, if you know what I mean. Sad but I think that may just be the Big Apple perception. Outside of NYC, New York is much different.

Jessica said...[Reply]

a really comprehensive review about the product, thanks!

Tegan said...[Reply]

This is a great product! It is great to know that GREEN is IN!

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