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Lost #pet? No microchip? Don't worry... Use #FurCode #Review #PamperedPooch


Having two little dogs, I always worry that they'll get off their leash and get lost. They are both microchipped but for some reason, one of them wasn't registered and it's such a pain to pay for registration yearly. When you first get the microchip, shouldn't they already allow you to register your dog or cat's chip? Then there's the issue of numerous lost pet databases that people have to look up when they're able to scan the microchip. So not only are you paying for these services but just recovering your pet takes way too many steps.

FurCodes are a great solution to that complicated mess. Each tag links to an online Pet Profile that pet owners can update to keep their pet’s contact, vet and care information current. To sound the Pete's information, all that needs to be done is to input the tag ID in a web browser or scan a FurCode with a Smartphone’s QR code reader. QR apps are free and can be downloaded from all Smartphone app stores. So much simpler and faster than the traditional microchip. You decide how much information to put in your pet profile.
Lost pet recovery
Here's the thing, I don't feel that it completely replaces the microchip. Afterall, this is a tag and may potentially fall off during your pet's activities. However, I do feel that this is much simpler and easier to use in terms of if a random person finds your lost pet. Why? In this day and age, it'd be great if someone is kind enough to bring a lost pet to the vet clinic just to see if they have a microchip but that's not always the case. If its easier and someone can look it us from home, I feel more people would be willing to help lost pets find their way home.

FurCode tags are easy to use. After purchasing a tag, you will receive an email with your login details to complete your online profile putting in whatever information you feel necessary. Then you’ll receive your FurCode tag in the mail. The funny thing is I was sent a blue regular one and a red mini one. Haha...my babies are already mistaken for the opposite sex and this only adds to the confusion. LOL! They do come in a 5 colors so I should've known better and picked my own colors. Anyhow, just attach the tag to your pet’s collar and rest assured. FurCodes are Laser-Etched Aluminum, meaning they're lightweight, waterproof and durable. So, to test it out, it was super simple. I didn't even have to download a new QR reader app on my iPhone. I used my barcode scanner app that I hadn't used in ages and it read and asked if I wanted to be directed to the pet profile. I hit yes and next thing I saw was my pet's information, but only the information that I wanted the public to see. Even if there's no QR app, as long as you have internet connection, you'll be fine because on the back of the tag is a link that will take you directly to the pet's profile. Pretty sweet, right? It gets better, 10, yes, 10, that is not a typo, WOS readers will each win one of their own!

Buy It: Shop online for your own FurCode. They retail for $19.99, now on sale for $14.99. Free shipping and handling WORLDWIDE.

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Amy Orvin said...[Reply]

This seems pretty neat. I have never heard of fur code before but would love to try it, even though all of my babies are microchipped.


Rachael Sutton said...[Reply]

I actually have some of these! Great product!

-Rachael Henzman

emeraldmaz said...[Reply]

I'd like to try them, but I think you would need a regular tag as well since there are a lot of people around without the capability to scan the tag, or some people just wouldn't care enough to go the extra step and look up the info.

Cynthia Downer said...[Reply]

Zora, one of my dogs, won a pink fur code ID collar from another giveaway. I think its pretty neat how far technology has come!

MsAngelasFinds said...[Reply]

This is very neat! I love there are NO annual fees like the microchips. I don't think some people are aware of microchips, especially non pet owners. Others simply would not take the time to have your pet scanned. This is a great alternative because people always look for a tag with the owners info on it. :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

Another great review. I have to be honest and say that even though I have a pet if I found a lost one I might forget to check for a microchip. To be able to look at a tag and find information from that would be so much easier and faster. I have a small Yorkie and would love to have both the collar and the tag. Easy, Fast & Painless-what more could you ask for!

Trayce M. said...[Reply]

I can't wait to get one of these for my pup

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I would gladly favor this ID tag instead of getting my dog micro-chipped - and it's more affordable and convenient.

slehan said...[Reply]

I like that it's readable without going to a vet to be scanned.

Michelle Spayde said...[Reply]

I definitely don't think that this tag replaces micro-chipping. It would be useful for after hours when chip scanning may not be possible.

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