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CSN Stores and EGR Universal Sport Bag Plus Black Label Pet Carrier Review

"What? I'm comfy..."
Okay, this has been a fairly bad couple of weeks for me as the surgery my baby was supposed to have done was kinda botched to my utter surprise, dismay, and disappointment, which resulted in my shelling out an extra grand to deal with the complications of her surgery so I was appreciating and loving CSN Stores all the more. My original plan was to do a review of some of the wide assortment of cookware available for my choosing because I really do need cookware but unfortunately, due to my recent circumstances, I had to go with something that was more practical and definitely needed around. So, my baby's needs came before mine and I decided to go with something from the Clearance section of CSN Stores. This decision actually made my week!

First of all, I had some doubts about ordering from the clearance center. After all, the items in the clearance center were returns and I didn't know why people have returned them. Was there something wrong with it? If its such a good product, why wouldn't they keep it? This is a final sale, should I risk it to save some money? All these thoughts were running through my head. To be fair though, CSN stores did give a warning blurp about there possibly being some wear but each return is inspected thoroughly before being sold at a discounted price. Amazingly though, when my product arrived 48 hours after I placed my order, I was glad to see that all my worries were completely unfounded! In my box was basically a brand new item with no signs of wear and tear. I couldn't believe my luck, I basically bought a brand new item for close to half off. I was a little upset that although the advertising price was $42.48 vs the original price of $84.95, when I went to check out and add it to my basket, the price I was actually charged was $44.00 but at any rate, it was still a deal and I didn't have to pay as much out of my own pocket as I normally would have so I guess it worked out in the end. Moral of the story? CSN Stores Clearance Center is a great place for sweet deals! In my case, I basically picked up a brand new item for close to 50% off! Who needs to wait for Boxing Day? Or Black Friday? So, if you're looking to save a buck, grabbing a good deal for good quality items, check out the clearance center. There's so much in there and if everything is as good quality as the item I chose, I'm one happy camper.

Alright, onwards to the actual item I chose...I ended up purchasing an EGR Sport Bag Plus Black Label Pet Carrier. Phew...that was a mouthful! Well, I need to go home for the holidays and with the new baby, I need a way to bring her home and I really can't afford too much right now because of her surgery, my tuition, rent, living expenses, etc and bills in general. Her other bag is starting to fall apart and is basically screaming for the need of a new carrier bag! My the way, people usually misunderstand my baby as actually being a baby, if you haven't been with me up to this point, is my pup. No, I would not shove a real baby into a pet carrier... Yes, I love my pup to bits and call her my baby. :) So yes, baby needed a new carrier, something that would fit as a carry-on for my flight home.

Look at baby peeking out... :)
When I was browsing through the clearance section for something affordable, this one just caught my eye. The design was so sleek, stylish and sexy if I might say. I fell in love at first sight, this was the one even if I had to pay some extra out of my own pocket! Now, the description says it should fit airline requirements and I'm hoping so myself too but I haven't actually been on my flight yet so I can't really tell you how that will work yet. But OMG, when it arrived, I was like a little kid Christmas morning! All the parts were just so fun, so amazing and it was such a high quality bag that I was shocked I was able to get such a good deal! Okay, I know I'm rambling but these are the features I found ever so cool. 
Sniffing out the new surroundings...
1) It's a padded bag for the comfort of your pets.
The convenience!! I love it!
2) It's a top loader and there's a leash on the inside to attach to your baby's collar so they can't try to jump out! This works great!
3) There are 4 windows, basically 2 at the sides that have detachable windows attached by velcro and another 2 at the ends that zipper on and off to give your pet somewhere to stick their head out. 
4) There's a little area for the poo bags so that you can have easy access to them.
5) It came with 2 sets of 2 straps of different lengths which you can adjust with the buckles so that you can carry it different ways. For example, there's a short set where you can use it has handles, a shoulder strap or make it into a back pack. The longer straps are used to anchor the bag in the car, essentially making the bag into a pet car seat. Its unbelievable how functional this bag is.

The only thing I really didn't like about this bag was that it had a tiny zipper compartment for storage and  I was hoping for a bit more for storage since I need to be carrying her food and treats with me. That and it may be a bit bulky to store but if I'm using it anyways, it won't need to be stored away!

CSN Stores Clearance Center: Sweet deals for returned products that are basically like new!
EGR Universal Sport Bag Plus Black Label Pet Carrier: Incredibly functional pet carrier. Absolutely love it. I only hate the fact that it has a tiny storage compartment. Its definitely above a 4.5 but not quite a 5 just because of the storage problem. Would I recommend it to others? Oh yeah, without a doubt in my mind! 

Now that you've read how sweet CSN Stores and their Clearance Center is, why don't you head on over and enter in my $35 CSN Stores GC giveaway that ends 11/29. Open to US/CAN. $35 can go a long ways, especially in the clearance center!

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided free of charge from the manufacturer or PR firm for the purposes of this review. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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