Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Toothpaste Review

Alright, I admit it...I may not have great breath all the time, especially with the coffee and tea I love drinking on an hourly basis or at least that's the way it seems lately. And it really doesn't help that I can't resist the garlicky taste of foods but you know people tend to shy away from you when you have garlic breath, so unfortunately, dental hygiene is a must! So, when I got the chance to review Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Toothpaste in cool peppermint (one of my favorite flavors of gum by the way), I was ecstatic!

You know, many toothpaste brands advertise themselves to be long lasting in the fresh breath department and I'm talking about the big brands...not the no name brands and so I do get sucked in and buy those for  the long lasting breath feature as well as the whitening features.  I often get disappointed though because by the time I walk through those hospital doors about 30 min after brushing my teeth, I'm popping in a piece of gum so that people will come near me for the day! :P In all seriousness though, my breath isn't really that bad but the fresh breath doesn't really last as long as it should.

In comes Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Toothpaste... it felt a bit funny to begin with because the first taste feels a bit strange but you do get used to it fairly quickly. I'd like to think that its due to the natural flavors and ingredients that they use. Get this, they use botanical extracts and natural mint oils, absolutely NO artificial ingredients!  What I loved about it was that it left your mouth feeling incredibly refreshed and clean after the brush...truly sensational! Now, about the keeping your breath fresh part...I felt it lasted longer than the other brand name toothpaste I was using but possibly only a couple hours longer. However, although my breath didn't stay amazing seemed to get worse on a lower level than if I had used my normal toothpaste. In short, I don't think my breath got bad as fast as usual. 

It made me think back on the time when I had chronic sinusitis and my breath was apparently awful! The worst thing was, I really didn't realize how bad my breath was... I brushed my teeth regularly but it wasn't my fault but when people can smell your breath half a car away and actually try to casually bring up their hand to cover their nose... well frankly, its a bit embarrassing! I almost wish I could have had this toothpaste then to see if it could have helped!

This next thing is actually pretty cool. On their site, they actually have a list of the ingredients and what it does for you so you can check it out there or below as I've already taken the effort to share it with you here.

Active Ingredients
Sodium monofluorophosphateDecay preventionFluorspar (calcium fluoride), an ore
Other Ingredients
GlycerinMoistenerVegetable oils
WaterConsistencyMaine aquifer
Hydrated silicaStain removalPurified silica from the earth
Calcium carbonateMild abrasivePurified calcium from the earth
XylitolFlavorBirch trees or corn
Natural flavorsFlavorNatural oils derived from the leaves of mint and other aromatic plants
Sodium lauryl sulfateDispersantDerived from coconut and/or palm kernel oil
CarrageenanThickenerSeaweed (Chondrus crispus)
Licorice Root ExtractBreath FresheningLicorice Root Extract

Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Toothpaste is set to sell in two flavors: Cool peppermint and Spearmint Ice and will be available in grogery stores, natural food stores, pharmacies and big box stores for ~4.19 per 5.2oz tube. 

To sum it up:
The good: longer lasting breath versus other brand name toothpaste, refreshing feeling afterwards, fights cavities, great company ethics
The bad: Its got that funny taste but I got used to it within a couple days and then I was more hoping for the refreshing taste and feel afterwards so it could be that I didn't care anymore.
This awesomeness makes it 4.5 stars out of 5. Tom's of Maine Toothpaste is definitely wicked fresh!

Until next time,

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