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So, it's no secret that I am an absolute bookworm. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that my kids would be raised as such as well. In fact, my kindergartner is such an avid reader and loves reading so much that he's already started reading some books on his own. It's an important part of his daily routine. You've read our posts in the past; you know how much we love our variety and well, as a health-conscious mom, I like the good treat every once in awhile, but I'm all for healthy options for gifts as well! So, with that, I'd like to introduce a very special place that has now become one of my favorites...Wonderbly.

Wonderbly is based in the UK and was named “children’s publisher of the year in 2021.” They offer a myriad of personalized books in such variety and even in type of personalization. There is no better gift this holiday season than a personalized gift! It just adds that extra touch for both adults and children. Wonderbly came to be back in 2013 when four friends put their genius brains together to make a fantastic personalized book starting with - The Little Boy or Girl Who Lost Their Name. Now, they have over 70 new stories in 12 different languages and publishes them in 40 countries worldwide. Isn't that amazing?

Their latest releases are:
When You Were Born Launched May 2023 (Ages 0-6) -This book welcomes a new baby with a personalized story based on the letters that spell their name. This makes for a wonderful keepsake considering we just welcomed our second child recently but I'll tell you why we chose what we chose in a bit.

This Month’s Child Launched June 2023 (Ages 1-9) -This is another beautiful book that introduces children to the magical changes in each season with a unique twist, the book starts on their birthday month! Another difficult choice because it just seem so special for each child that you may choose this for!

We had such a hard time choosing because there were so many good books! I admit, the newest additions to the Wonderbly collection seemed like it came out just for us given our beautiful new addition. However, I felt like I would need one for each child to make it fair so I ended up choosing a book that could include both kids. Truthfully? I wanted them all! That's how adorable they were.

Best personalized gift for kids this Christmas
Where Are You? Save the Multiverse! (Ages 4-10; 34 pages) was what we ended up choosing because you can include 1-3 children in this personalized book. I didn't want big brother to be jealous. What blew my mind was the sheer amount of customization available! Most customizable books involve adding the kids' names to the book and you're done. Wonderbly takes it to the next level.

You definitely get to add the names. However, the neat thing is that you get to customize each character's image -their skin tone, hairstyle, hair color and so forth. This, I was super impressed with. I loved being able to choose and make a book that were likened to my kids' culture and background since honestly, how often are books pictured with minority groups? The particular book we chose also has each kid transforming into an alter ego. There was a dedication area as well which sometimes are in some books with the added option of being able to adjust it some or write your own. We opted to keep what they had but add a bit more. This personalization is already included FREE into the cost of the book. Finally, you get to choose different book covers to make it even more special. I ended up choosing the one I knew my older child would LOVE.

The kids' names showed up on many pages and it was so neat to search for the characters we created them as on the "Find Waldo"-like pages as well. Even after reading, there are many puzzles to solve at the end as well. So cool!

For a personalized book with that many features, prices start at $39.99, however certain personalizations or upgrades will cost you more. Books are produced within 48 hours and shipped. The book comes securely packages and viola, a perfect present for a kiddo or adult in your life. Yes, they even have books for adults! How cool is that?! I was debating what would be a great present for the kids this year. They have so many toys and junk (yes, I'll call it like it is) laying around already. Presents from prior years from relatives that are still yet unopened and more arriving this year, I really didn't want to buy them more toys. I wanted something that would be useful, that would encourage their imagination, their love for reading...their growth! So, thank you Wonderbly for doing just that! In my honest opinion, Wonderbly personalized books are a fabulous choice and the best choice for my kids this Christmas! I am 100% certain that this is going to be a hit in my household.

Do you have a favorite?

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