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How to choose a Vitamin C #serum for your #beauty and #skincare #vitamincserum #sp

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We're always looking for that wonder cream...the fountain of youth. I've tried many serums that boast anti-aging properties. What differentiates them from each other? What makes one stand out from the other and what's worth spending on a 30ml bottle? Get the answers here.

Vitamin C functions to stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and serves as one of the most powerful antioxidants in skin care. Vitamin C works better when used directly on the skin versus taking oral supplements and works to prevent free radical damage. Not everyone can tolerate it's use though. Duration of use typically takes up to 6 months of consistent use and there are many things to consider before purchasing a Vitamin C serum.

However, Vitamin C has different types and you need to look at your ingredients to see if your Vitamin C serum is made with the stable type, meaning it still has active Vitamin C in it. If you use an unstable type, the Vitamin C in it may no longer be fresh. Look for the stable Vitamin C components which can include Ester C, ascorbyl palmitate, and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. L-ascorbic acid is the most potent and functional form, however it also destabilizes pretty easily so you'd have to have a daily fresh batch if that was the ingredient used. You can tell it's done that if it's turned yellow or orange. Opt for serums packaged in dark glass bottles or metal tubes that help to protect and keep the Vitamin C serum fresh.

So how do we choose what percentage of Vitamin C we use? They can vary anywhere from 5% (fairly weak) to 20%, which is the highest amount you should use since your skin won't absorb much more over 20%. Believe it or not, pH is also important. For ultimate absorption, it needs to be around a pH of 3. However, it all comes down to your skin as well. Can your skin tolerate it? Some people may have some redness and stinging on application that they eventually build tolerance too. Absorption is immediate so it stays in your skin until used up, which can take around 3 days.
How to decide what Vitamin C serum to use
Naturalico has a 20% Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid professional anti-aging serum that we'll put to the test. It contains many of the collagen promoting ingredients that we typically see in anti-aging serums. The difference is that it has a high Vitamin C concentration compared to the other serums.

Naturalico professional anti-aging serum is clear and light. The recommended usage is to apply after cleansing and letting dry prior to using your typical moisturizer. A little definitely goes a long way. 3-4 drops easily covers my entire face and 2 drops typically covers my neck. Without a particular strong scent, it absorbs quickly and does not leave a residue or something sticky film, something that really bugs me with certain serums. It's active ingredient is sodium ascorbyl phosphate which is more similar to the more stable forms of Vitamin C you want. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the pH level on the packaging or manufacturer's site. I didn't have any reaction or redness to this particular serum although I've been testing serums for awhile now.

My personal opinion is that it's helped the absorption of my usual anti-aging night creams. I believe I've noticed a decrease in my forehead and neck wrinkles. They're definitely still there but seems a little less noticeable after two weeks of daily use. I will have to wait out the 6 months to see if there are any major changes.

Of course, any cream or serum is only as magical as your skin care regimen. At $19.99, Naturalico's Vitamin C serum is a good adjunct to a good skin care regimen. See our 5 Tips for beautiful, silky smooth and youthful skin to add to your anti-aging skincare regimen.

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