Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do you really know the #truth behind #Maleficent? #Disney #movies

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Maleficient has been a topic of discussion at work quite a bit recently. I was somewhat surprised to hear one of my older colleagues say Maleficent was a movie that he was really excited for. When I say older, I mean he's more late 60's and grandfather to many adorable children. It goes to show that many, of all ages and backgrounds, are excited for Maleficient. We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty but we never really got to know Maleficent, the villain. What made her pure heart turn to stone?

Did the fan fare and fanatics start during the Grammy Awards® when Disney unveiled a 90-second sneak peak of MALEFICENT?
Once Upon a Dream, the song you hear in this clip is sung by award-winning, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.

Actually, I'm more curious about Angelina Jolie's obsession with Maleficent. She was the one with the drive to get this movie started and it makes you wonder why. I'd love to find out her passion behind the film.
Perhaps it's the beautiful black wings I've been seeing on the new Maleficient poster. It's breathtakingly beautiful! Wouldn't you agree? God, she's beautiful, even as a villain.
Disney's #Maleficent
Photo Credit: Disney
Don't forget to watch the newest trailer for Maleficent:
Catch the truth of Maleficent in theaters May 30, 2014!

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