Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#Rafflecopter #Giveaways #Linky

You all know how much I love Rafflecopter. It makes for such quick and easy entries. So, I've teamed up with a couple other bloggers to provide a linky where you can have access to all Rafflecopter Giveaways. This linky is permanent and there's no need to come back and enter every single week. This is a giveaway linky. Any links to general blog pages or links without end dates will be deleted.

Just enter giveaway name, end date and where it is open to (US/CAN/WW) please. Don't forget to help tweet and spread the news to help get exposure to this linky so more people can be directed to everyone's giveaways!

Now let's link up and have some fun. I would love it if while you're here adding your links, if you would be ever so kind to enter my (WOS) awesome giveaways too. Thank you and Good luck! 

Until next time,

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Janice said...[Reply]

I need to really look into Rafflecopter...It looks so easy!

Celebrating Family

Laura O in AK said...[Reply]

I just finished my first giveaway using Rafflecopter and wish I'd started soon. Soooo much easier for everyone.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love Rafflecopter too! I have a few invite codes left if anyone wants them. Just contact me ;) I'll be back later to link up my giveaways. Right now I must get my child ready for school!

Book Lover said...[Reply]

I love Rafflecopter, it makes giveaways so much easier!

bta44 said...[Reply]

Hey! I'm new to this Rafflecopter. Could someone please explain how it works? and Tiffany if you have an invite code left, I would gladly take one!

Thank you

Scented Leaf said...[Reply]

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! I'm new to rafflecopter giveaway.. so just figure out how it works. I'll return with new giveaways.

MDAP said...[Reply]

Just added our $1000 in your PayPal raffle! Please check it!

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