Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#Heelys #Review -Bringing out the fun in #Shoes

At this point, you'll catch me screaming like a little kid. Why? Cuz I love shoes, and better yet, ever since wheeled shoes came out years and years ago, I've always been a fan. I even had a pair that my brother bought for me for my birthday when I was still in grade 9?! They weren't the greatest looking pair but I was so happy to get them.  They were no Heelys though, which is why I'm running or rather "heeling" around with excitement right now. I just got my Heelys! Woot!

I had chosen the 7671 Wave to review and are they ever cute? They even have ninja stars on the soles. So simply said, they look great. Functionally, there's a little "Heel Plug" that fills the hole in the heel when you don't want to use the wheels. That way, nothing's going to accidentally get stuck in there. They come with a tool to help you remove that box and its easy enough. 

My initial plan when I got my Heelys was to try and walk my dog with them or maybe let her pull me along for a ride. Imagine that, a 15lb dog trying to pull a full grown woman. Puts a smile on your face, doesn't it? Want to find out? Check out my short 1 minute clip! My Heelys definitely encouraged me to go out and walk/wheel a little more and enjoy some good outdoor exercise. If you're worried about balance and safety, its not really that bad since the pair I chose only had the one wheel at the heel. So if you're ever uncomfortable, tap your toes down and you've stopped yourself! In general, I would say they are fairly safe but if you're just starting out, hang onto a railing or a buddy until you learn the basics and are able to enjoy heeling on your own. 

Are you ready to check out my video? 

Interested in learning from the Heely pros? Check out their "How To" page for fun tips and tricks. Heelys are great for almost everyone. They're fun, fashionable, and functional; not to mention, very cool. Want to get yourself a pair? Now's the time with Heelys' Labor Day/Back to School sale. Between September 2-5, 2011, buy one pair, get the 2nd for $30.  Check out their assorted styles online. Use "HeelysLovesBloggers" for FREE shipping! It'll work during this event!!

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Wendy said...[Reply]

Great review. My daughter loves her Heelys!

Anne said...[Reply]

My son wants these badly. I never though of using them to walk the dog, you are brave.

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