Monday, August 29, 2011

#Klout Perks: #ScoreBig #Cheap Show #Tickets

Recently, I received a Klout Perk and I decided to share it with my readers. As someone that has a little bit of influence on Klout (*insert dorky grin here*), I was able to receive a $25 credit and early access to this new site. What is it? Its a ticket sales site from everything from pro sports to hot concerts to Award winning Broadway shows!

ScoreBig has lots of events and every ticket is below retail price and every seating section. Pretty neat, huh? Every time I bought tickets last minute, I've always had to pay over face value. This makes it so I don't have to. The cool thing is that you can make an offer on these tickets they have so you pay what you want to, granted you aren't lowballing someone. Plus, there's never any fees or shipping costs. The other day, I bought tickets on Razorgator and you know how much I paid!? The tickets themselves were $81/ticket. Fees ended up being over $20 PER ticket not for all but for one lousy ticket! Are you kidding me?! Then I had to pay $26 in shipping fees. That's an extra 66 bucks I really couldn't afford nor wanted to pay. Did I mention my tickets were over face value too? Anyways, that's why I actually like the idea of ScoreBig. I haven't tried it out yet but from what I can see, I like it. 

The only bad thing I would say is that at the moment, it is only limited to certain cities. Those cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston. So if you live in one of these cities or if you're headed their for vacation and want to check out some shows without all those extra fees other companies charge, check out ScoreBig. Sign up is free

Like I was saying, since I received this Klout Perk, I am also able to share with Whirlwind of Surprises (WOS) readers a ScoreBig $25 credit of their own. I can share with up to 10 Klout friends. Click here to get your $25. It apparently appears when you check out. If it runs out, don't worry, if you sign up through my link, you will still get a $10 credit off your first purchase.

Disclaimer: I was given a $25 credit because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

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Laura O in AK said...[Reply]

I skipped that particular perk as I have no chance of using it anytime soon. But, it sounds like a nice site.

Laura O in AK

Anne said...[Reply]

This sounds good, I wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere!

Linette said...[Reply]

It sounds like a cool site, unfortunately we don't live near any of their current service areas.

Cristine said...[Reply]

I live in the Chicago area and received this perk. Shows are so expensive any discount is greatly appreciated. We haven't decided what we will see but I always enjoy good discount.

Jeryl M. said...[Reply]

This sounds great! Thanks! I am a new GFC follower from the Not So Moody Monday blog hop. Visit my daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom ( where we talk about anything and everything.

Outside the Box Mom said...[Reply]

Hi Cinny,

Just dropping by from our Blogging Buddy group to say hi.


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