Monday, May 9, 2011

Zero Friction Review-The gift all golfers want...

Are you a golfer? Or is your husband a golfer? Zero Friction would be an amazing gift for any golfer out there, not to mention, a great Father's Day gift idea! *hint hint*

Zero Friction Tee

ZFX System
Zero Friction has several products that I was luckily sent to try out. I have 3 different tees to review. The first is the Zero Friction Tee which is the original performance tee they came up with. As you can see, it has a 3 prong top which reduces the contact area by 66% therefore decreasing friction and allowing for slightly longer and straighter drives. Tee #2 is the ZFX system which has a 4-prong design instead whcih allows for more stability and may be better suited for players like me, who cannot ever seem to place the ball on the tee without it falling off... Of course, that may just be my retarded, klutzy self. Lastly, there is the ZFT System...which basically is the 3-prong tee plus an innovative striping system that allows golfers to place their tee at the same height every time. Technically, that should make us more consistent golfers, right? 

ZFT System
Really what we're interested in is does it work and would it really be a great gift? My answer is yes and yes to both questions! My SO, a truly avid golfer, as well as I, tried out the tees and we enjoyed all of them. He loved how the ball was able to go straighter and a bit further and he was so upset that he didn't make the ZFT system because he's always wanted to draw lines on his tees so that he could place them at the same height each and every time. All in all, he and I both loved the tees. Furthermore, they're basically indestructible. They are good quality tees that will last you through many rounds of golf! In the case you do break them though, don't worry, they are biodegradable. I almost forgot to mention, I absolutely love the colors they come in. Since they are such bright colors, it really makes it hard to lose your tee, even if it flies after you strike the ball.

I was also sent the Zero Friction Distance 312 Golf Ball to try. In theory, it is made to fly longer in the air and roll further. Unfortunately, we only tried out the tees on the range and it is really hard to try out the ball without having some sort of measuring device so it becomes really hard for us to tell you how the ball would be like in real life.

In summary, the tees are an absolutely wonderful choice for any golfer's bag and even better, for father's day!

Buy It: Zero Friction Tees are available online and are priced differently depending on the size. Use BZZFRND for 25% off your order.

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