Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Ideas #7: Barista Bath and Body Products Review

Oh my goodness, can you say YUM!? Imagine this, the delicious aroma of coffee surrounding you in the shower when you wake up in the morning. Its like a morning call before your actual cup of coffee!  Barista Bath and Body aka b3 brings to us the benefits of coffee to our skin. b3 products are made from organic coffee, coffee extract, essential oils and herbal extracts. I'm going to quickly summarize the benefits here and I'll bet you know someone who would love using it for one of the following reasons.  According to their site, coffee has a similar pH to our hair and skin, thus the balanced pH allows us to keep our hair and skin healthy versus the use of soap and water (basic) which removes the slightly acidic pH that we naturally have on our hair and skin. Other studies b3 have found supporting the use of caffeine to skin show that it may reduce the risk of skin cancer, improve the appearance of cellulite, help in preventing hair loss, and provide antioxidants. While I can't say whether I have experienced these effects, I can tell you what I have experienced.

I was recently sent the Barista Bath and Body Travel set to review, otherwise known as "I'll take that/mine to go." Isn't that just clever and original? It came beautifully packaged with travel sizes (2 oz) of "Perk it up" (energizing coffee shampoo), "soothe those jitters" (moisturizing conditioner), "triple shot3 (3-in-1 coffee shower gel), and room for cream (exotic origin body creme). I did take my own pictures but since it was quite similar to their pictures, I stuck with theirs! I have to say, everything smelt delicious. The shampoo and conditioner had a light smell of rich coffee that just left you lingering for more. I enjoyed how refreshing it felt and how smooth and silky it left my hair afterwards. Oh, and don't forget the shine, it gave my hair a nice healthy shine. The triple shot though was oh so heavenly! Wow, the scent of it was absolutely luxurious. It was so good that it brought my puppy running in earlier than usual and we all know dogs have an excellent sense of smell. I think it was my absolute favorite out of all 4 items.  The exotic origin body creme was very nice. It had a very light fragrance, you could almost say that it is unscented so I would recommend it for all skin types. It also had a very thick texture which is something I like with my creams. It left my skin moisturized and actually, my skin has remained that smooth, silky texture even throughout the day. 

This is another awesome gift idea for those coffee lovers out there or rather, anyone who loves taking care of their body. I've never tried coffee flavored body care before and I'm glad I found b3, it made for a very pleasant and well, yummy in the enticing sense, experience. This would be absolutely perfect for a gift or trial and if you like it, there are full sized versions as well. And...this travel set is on sale right now for 25% off!

Buy It: Find the delicious b3 products, gift sets, and travel set online.

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided free of charge from the manufacturer or PR firm for the purposes of this review. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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