Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Card Review -They're In!

Okay, remember a while back, I did this post about these really cute designs from Shutterfly for Christmas cards? So, I finally found some time to design my own cards and omg, the process was so easy and there were so many effects that I still had a hard time choosing. I'm a little shy about my cards so I'll blog about what I did instead. I thought it'd be fun and hilarious to make a storyline involving my puppy and use the card to break the news to our family and friends that we recently got a new pup. 

Here's the design I used, I liked how it was simple and elegant.  So, basically, in the center frame is our adorable pup and then surrounding that center picture are pictures of us with funny or shocked faces like "Oh no, what have we done!?" I know, I know, you have to use your imagination but they turned out great! There were even effects for the pictures, you could make them black and white or do that hazy look that makes everything kind of dreamy. I got the cards within a week of designing them and I was very pleased with their quality and speed of delivery! I was expecting paper thin cards but they came on these thick high quality photopaper and wow, I am definitely impressed! I think our families will get a pleasant and shocking surprise when they receive these cards.

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