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CSN Stores and Beautyrest Classic Mattress Pad Review

So, its been a little while since I've done a review with CSN Stores and I chose a mattress pad to review this time. It was quite the learning experience and I think it'll be very helpful for those of you looking for a similar thing between mattress pads and mattress toppers.

So, here's my story. I have a futon that I had bought from Target...mmhmm, I know, its not really the best place to buy furniture but it was decent looking at a decent price. It was meant to be a guest bed so I figured it couldn't be too bad...until my friends stayed the night and said it felt a little too lumpy bumpy and I think, well, if people my age can't handle it, what's going to happen when our family including elderly members come to visit. They'll definitely stay longer and then what would I do? So, I decided I needed something to go overtop. I had no clue what a mattress topper or mattress pad was. For all I knew, they were the same thing. But nope, they're not. Quick information that I found that really helped me with my decision on which to go with. Mattress toppers tend to be thicker and are usually foam pads that you set on top of your mattress. They're also more expensive being more comfortable and probably more ideal in my case since I was needed comfort and something to cover all the "lumpy bumpies" as my friends called it. However, its a little too expensive for me and well, for my purposes, it was just too inconvenient as I felt it may shift without a fitted sheet and it would also make it difficult when I moved. Mattress pads are generally thinner so they may not be as comfortable as mattress pads, but they're a lot more convenient as some come fitted and they're well, smaller, so easier to pack and they incur a little less damage on the wallet. So, in the end I chose a mattress pad. 

The Beautyrest Classic 100% Cotton Mattress Pad is the mattress pad I chose this time due to the ratings and the affordability. I liked the idea that it could be machine washed and dried. It also had the expandable grip skirt that can expand up to 15" for thicker mattresses. It arrived within a week of my placing the order and that's something that I love CSN for, their speedy shipping times. The grip skirt was great, it kept the mattress pad steady and prevented it from shifting around. 

What about comfort, you ask? Well, what better way to test it for comfort than to actually sleep on it. So, I spent the night on it and I slept fine, about the same as usual, I'd say. I still felt the lumps and bumps in certain parts of the futon but it did feel alright in terms of comfort. My SO, however, couldn't get comfortable and went back to our own bed less than an hour in. So, we sit at opposite ends of the spectrum on this one. He really doesn't think that the mattress pad helped any, if any at all. I figured it did help, maybe not 100% but it was enough so that I could fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night. 

To be fair though, I believe it would've worked great on our normal bed since its got a nice smooth surface on top but on the futon where there were natural dips in the surface of the bed, this mattress pad just didn't make the cut for my SO. However, for the price ($24 + shipping), I think its a decent buy.

CSN Stores: Love it!
Beautyrest Classic 100% Cotton Mattress Pad: It does seem functional and was comfortable in my opinion and well, for the price, it would be alright. Would I recommend it to others? I would recommend it if you were using it on a regular bed because it would make your bed more comfortable, but definitely not on a futon that did not originally have a smooth surface. 

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided free of charge from the manufacturer or PR firm for the purposes of this review. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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