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Be #Divergent... @AnselElgort & @VeronicaRoth interviews on the #DivergentMOA red carpet & a #review

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Wow...when I headed to the red carpet premiere of Divergent at Minneapolis' Mall of America, I certainly did not expect the craziness that would ensue. The energy was phenomenal and not one that I would've expected. I'm used to the craziness in LA during other red carpet premiere's, however the scene in Minneapolis is not one to be doubted. Or maybe it was the strong support Divergent had already amassed. Never underestimate the vocal fan power of teenage girls.

Interestingly, Divergent has already amassed a wide range of fans, but a lot of these girls were there for Ansel Elgort. Mmhmm, the red carpet was about to be graced by the presence of Ansel Elgort, who plays Tris' brother -Caleb, and Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series.
Fans at the #DivergentMOA #Divergent red carpet premiere
Did you know WOS even had a marked position on the red carpet? As I stood waiting for Ansel and Veronica's arrival, my ears would be blasted with screams of excited fans. I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness and patience they both showed their fans. They would stop to chat, take pictures, and sign items for the fans and despite the crowd present, they never tried to rush things along.

Are you curious what I asked them?

For Ansel, I asked about the particular wardrobe assortment. To make it simple, I wondered if the costume designers had come up with a particular look to make the Erudite faction look more intelligent. The quick answer: Yes. Ansel went on to describe that all the faction's wardrobes were uniquely created by the costume designers to enhance and reflect a faction's traits. For example, their suits were sharply cut and made of various shades of blue. They resemble lab coats. Whereas, Abnegation aka The Selfless are more modest and civil so they had very plain, grey outfits. Interesting, right?
The #DivergentMOA red carpet premiere, review, and interview with Ansel Elgort and Veronica Roth, #Divergent
With Veronica, I was curious about her thoughts on the movie and the representation of the book so far. Veronica Roth felt the movie kept her book intact and she was really absorbed into it despite knowing everything that happened next. Having lived close to Chicago most of her life, she thinks it accidentally slipped into her rough draft of Divergent via the various landscaping written. When revisions were made, she felt if the buildings and structures would be better if it was in a distinct place, Chicago; it just needed to be brought out better. What do you think? Do you see Chicago in the movie?

When I watched the trailer for Divergent, I was intrigued. My loyal WOS readers know I'm a fan of strong female leads so to no one's surprise, I was suckered right in. An action-adventure film set in a world where people are divided based on their virtues. Shailene Woodley plays Tris Prior is Divergent and will never belong properly in one group. When she and her love interest Four (Theo James) discover a conspiracy by Erudite faction leader (Kate Winslet)to destroy all Divergents, Tris must fight to save innocent lives.

Divergent is the latest YA to film franchise to make ripples in the water. It strikes a cord with teenagers and their worries about fitting in and finding themselves. The ones young enough to have the courage to challenge the world and make change and take the future into their own hands. As a movie, it is fun and adventurous. The action scenes are what get me, wouldn't it be fun to go through the zip line as Tris gets to? You don't have to read the series to be able to watch and understand the storyline. Overall, a decent flick to catch with friends this weekend. I would hold off on bringing the little ones though, there may be a little too much violence for them.

What faction do you fit in? Or are you divergent?

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